Thursday, January 30, 2014


Blue Nereid is a four  layered piece  made of  painted aluminum screening;
each layer is painted with a different but related image; each layer is shaped differently 

it is meant to cast an ambiguous  series of shadows

and to yield a different image from each angle at which it is viewed

to act  somewhat like sculpture

somewhat like painting or even  a  drawing

and then change once again on examination

I did  this  in the spring of 2012; it is about  forty inches long and forty inches wide
and   stands  off the wall at about  a  foot at its deepest, and no more than  an
inch off its edges.  I think of her--for she seems feminine to me--
 as being  the Nereid Leto in the Odyssey, who lent the wrecked Odysseus  her
 "scarf", as Robert Fitzgerald translates it, so that he could be washed ashore
  after his craft and crew were lost.. This  however,  is the sort of thing
 that must be told, as  it would take a   genuine  psychic to deduce.

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