Thursday, January 28, 2010



1971:I left the would-be revolutionaries with whom I was associated
when one hailed the murder of Sharon Tate as a sign that times
were achangin'. Never before had I heard such a statement
of such complacency,of such self-righteous stupidity as this.
It made my neck hairs tremble and my toes get cold. I could not find words
for the sensation. But that night I had a dream in which Gandhi appeared, and said nothing,
but had tears in his eyes. And within days, I had packed up and
bid my "cell-group" goodbye.

Why did I not remember this when called upon to review Satyragaha,
Philip Glass' opera about Gandhi? O those theoretical reasons with which
one cloaks imperception, wrongheadness, envy. I intended to say
that the technique was stolen from Bali, more or less, which is untrue.
But that night I once again dreamed of Gandhi; and this time he
said, "Anyone who writes an opera about me is alright,
Phillip." Afterwards, I obtained a tape of Satyaragaha,
which sounded quite beautiful to me.

I told this story a few weeks later to the person who became one
of my closest friends, who worked in the world of foundations.
He laughed and said he was glad, in part because he had hand a
hand in commissioning it.He also told me a story about the Rome
premiere of Satyagraha:the opera house staff was going on
strike ("They're always going on strike," said Howard)
and Glass, whose opera was about to get lost in the fracas
asked why. Because the bathrooms weren't being cleaned
properly. And so he cleaned the bathrooms of the Rome Opera,
averting the strike. Someone said, "but you are the composer! Why
should you clean-up the men's room?" And Glass replied,
" Gandhi would have."

Years after, on returning to North Carolina, I felt need of
psychotherapy. I had lost a large number of people to AIDS
and I could not get out from under it. I went to one new-
age-y fellow who was far too California to me--meaning
that not getting out from under it was not a matter
of finding one's inner child, but of life and death.
I decided on the therapistl when I noticed a quotation
from Gandhi on his wall. A few months later,I told him
the story Howard Klein told me. My shrink
turned out to be Phillip Glass' first cousin.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


ackerly, j.r.:my father and myself
hindoo holiday
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the origins of totalitarianism
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including a shelf of criticism
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history in english words

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(actually:all of him)
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blake, william preferrably in his own formats:
the illuminated blake from thames and hudson
borges, jorge luis:ficciones
dream tigers
seven nights(a lovelier book of criticism would be hard to imagine)
(all of him)
boswell's johnson augmented with the other accounts
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grief and reason
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the sleepwalkers
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invisible cities et al
casanova's memoirs particular the venetian episodes bk 1
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(one of the great landscapes of all time;
and one of the few great novels about music)
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utz et al
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cheri (she recorded the final scene quite beautifully)
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the ebony tower
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the poetry
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and all the rest
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I am a Strange Loop
et al
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issa:a year of my life
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(this is the great novel of Calvinist antinomianism and
a template for a lot of bad behaviour in Evangelical circles)
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the statue within
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the bostonians
the ambassadors
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the shah of shahs
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the poems
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the periodic table
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(actually all of him)
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from his literary sources)
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(trans. sidney monas)the prose(Trans. Brown)
(the egyptian stamp!)
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the smuggler's bible
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billy budd
benito cereno
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a barbarian in Asia
miserable miracle

moore, marianne :collected poems
collected prose
selected letters
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the blue nile
montale:the collected poems(I lean towards Arrowsmith--)
the butterfly of dinard
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moseley, nicholas:hopeful monsters
milosz, czelaw:the captive mind
bells in winter
milton, john:paradise lost
mishima, Yukio:the sailor who fell from grace with the sea
murasaki, lady:the tale of genji
(I flitter between the translations of waley, seidenstacker, tyler)
murdoch, iris: a severed head
under the net
nabokov:invitation to a beheading
the gift
the real life of sebastian knight
pale fire
the collected stories
the pushkin commentaries et al
naipaul vs:guerrillas
the house of mr. biswas
a bend in the river
the return of evita peron etc
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niezchte:the corpus
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parra, nicanor:antipoems
pasolini:the indian journal
peake, mervyn:the gormenghast trilogy
peacock, thomas:the novels and music criticism
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ponge, francois:things
polyanyi, michael:personal knowledge
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porchia, antonio:voices
potocki,count:manuscript found in saragossa
pound, ezra:confucius
powell, dawn:the golden pavillion
the letters
powers, richard:the goldbug variations
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proust as a lifetime avocation
and contre saint-beuve plus the correspondence and the
painter and tadie biographies, shattuck, et al
pushkin:eugene onegin in sir charles johnson's translation
and with nabokov's annotation
purdy, james:malcolm
radin, paul:african folk tales
the trickster
the road of life and death
raine, kathleen:collected poems
blake and tradition
read, herbert:the green child
renault, mary:funeral games
rexroth, kenneth:his various translations from the chinese and japanese
rosen, charles:the most pertinent and detailed musical analyst I know
ross, alex:the rest is noise(our best present-day critic)
roth, phillip:the zuckerman trilogy
portnoy's complaint
(actually a large portion of his work, as I think of it, with two or three
cataclysmic missteps, but hell!)
rothenberg, jerome:technicians of the sacred(in the original edition)
riding, laura:a progress of stories
the collected poems
and, as laura(riding)jackson:the telling
rumi I read in as many available versions as I find
rushkin:the king of the golden river and sesame and lilies,
the stones of venice
the praeterita
sacks, oliver:awakenings
the man who mistook his wife for a hat
seeing voices et al
salter, james:a sport and a pasttime
salzman, mark:iron and silk
lost in place
seth, vikram:the golden gate
simon schama:citizens
landscape and memory
shattuck, roger:the banquet years and many luminous essays on such subjects as
stravinsky and michel tournier
shaw, bernard:the music criticism in addition to the big plays
shei shonagon: the pillowbook
spackman, wm.:an armful of warm girl
spark, muriel:the prime of miss jean brody
memento mori et al
stead, christina:the man who loved children
letty fox
stevens, wallace:the collected poems
stevenson, robert louis:the weir of hermiston
the new arabian nights
sewell, elizabeth:the orphic voice
strindberg:An occult diary
isaac singer:satan in goray
the collected short stories
jonathan spence:the question of hu,
the memory palace of matteo ricci
god's chinese son
sutherland, donald:on, romanticism
suzuki, dt:essays on zen buddhism
zen and japanese culture
tanizaki, juniro:the makioka sisters
seven japanese tales
the tale of the lord musahi
in praise of shadows et al
thackery, william makepeace;the rose and the ring(A children's book funnier
and eviller than lemony snicket)
thomson, vergil:the music criticism
the thousand and one nights
tolstoi: childhood boyhood and youth
the cossacks
the stories and fables and plays all of Tolstoi
(I needs must admit that I love him above all others but two,
whose names I will leave you to guess)
tournier, michel:the ogre
friday et al
traherne, thomas:the centuries
trevor-roper, hugh:the last days of hitler(as he prepares to commit suicide
to Wagner, the servants play American jazz)
turgenev, including the correspondence
turner, frederick:the new world
tutuola,amos:my life in the bush of ghosts
twain,mark:life on the missippipi
letters from the earth
letter to king leopold
valery:poems in the rough
the dialogues
vallejo, cesar:poemos humanos
vidal, gore:myra and myron breckenridge
robert walser
woolf, virginia:the waves is my favorite, and I have read a good part of aloud;
to the lighthouse and mrs dalloway,
and then all the novels, essays, diaries, and correspondence
wordsworth, william: the prelude
wright, austin:the morley mythology
white, edmund:caracole
forgetting elena et al
he repeats himself a great deal yet remains indispensable
wheelwright, phillip:his criticism and his translation of heraclitus
yates, frances:one of the boldest authors in Renaissance studies and its related field of hermetics and the occult; "the art of memory" is the book to begin with
yeats, with some pleading for the plays and a
rembrance of A VISION with unmitigated dread
yourcenar, marguerite:hadrian's Memoirs
The Dark Brain of Piranesi

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today Il remember those rare moments
when justice became more beautiful than beauty. When Nelson
Mandela was freed. When Apartheid ended. The Fall of the Berlin Wall.
In each instance it was as if a discordant note had resolved, as
if we had moved into the realm of the natural--the just--
from the un-natural. And that the resolution of justice, real
justice, also relieved us of our burden of helpless complicity.
Just for a moment. Just for a moment the apprehension
of what a just world might be like. Just for
a moment the recognition that if an injustice is done you,
it done to me. Just for a moment, without fear or irony,
the hope for a transfigured world .

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010


A small relief-painting. The two collages
which follow it--from 1998--are
called "Nightlight" and "Volleyball."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Unless this painting appears as the most
vivid grass-green, it is not accurate; and
there are always in reproducing a
screen-painting many cherished details
which regrettably evaporate. This
particular painting features an interplay
between fishes I have scissored out
and those I have painted. The brushstroke
is like moss. The Coral Garden motif
comes from a time when I was in love with a big blonde;
we seemed to be swimming in a celestial element
and diving through heavenly grottos.

Periodically, I will do a Coral
Garden in Blonde remembrance.
Four-layered painting, the two
in-most elaborately shaped.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Study for a stage set;

an eleven sided painting


Halfway between
Nike of Samothrace and a
Totem;the final photo,
on a black backdrop,
gives another take
on the color scheme;
both Flying Figures
are interwoven with
colors which, alas,
do not reproduce

Friday, January 8, 2010


A small relief painting made of
twelve cut and painted pieces,
it casts highly unusual shadows

Thursday, January 7, 2010


eleven small panels of aluminum screening
painted and sewn together

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"A stalactite points
a stalagmite points
--Bill Bryson;
this is made of nine
folded components, each
a different size and painted
on both faces, inside and out;
I think of it as a synthesis of a
stalactite with a bat
as both hang upsidedown. In the first
picture is a hornet's nest which I
have hanging from my rafters.