Friday, November 20, 2009


Advertisement boredom

Ad Hominem Boredom:You are who I categorize you as being,and fall into that category by the name I apply to you, individually or by demographic group,because its good for my numbers

Anthemic boredom:getting misty-eyed whilst pledging allegiance to the crowd one is standing amongst; "uplift"; "Amazing Grace" sung in sports arenas; the general view of human relationships as portrayed on television; the transcendence of barbarity or death via sentimental denial.

Antinomian boredom, or the marital indiscretions of the Elect

Anime boredom:the appalling unsurprise of discovering oneself to be a robot

Apocalypse boredom:there are those for whom a certain sense of anticlimax attends the subject

Avant-garde boredom:being shocking with the same shocking things as last year; being shocked by these things.

Boredom of the Blurb:reading them, one thinks:were this so, the dead would be raised

Boredom of Hyperbole: Whosoever opens a dry-cleaning business is a "visionary". Every business plan is a Vision. The search for capital is a Vision Quest.

Boredom of the Machine: In Science Fiction the Robots invade. In reality, we are subjected to the POS system, the computer screen, the television, and the automobile. As the late Guy Davenport put it, we have automobiles for bodies and televisions for minds. The boredom of the machine conceals the unequal struggle not to be dominated by our machinery. The degree to which this struggle is unequal can be calibrated by the number of people who worship their automobile and believe that the characters of a sitcom are their boon companions.

Buddy Movie Boredom

Capitalist boredom:who do you exclude from your gated community? and which of your possessions loves you best?

Communist boredom:the same as Evangelical boredom, with a tractor instead of an automobile as the Golden Calf

Corporate Boredom:What is good for us is good for you and here is the Anthem to prove it.

Country Music Boredom

Determinant Discourse Boredom:a disability of ad hominem boredom, corporate boredom, capitalist boredom, and communist boredom

Futurological boredom:an accurate weather forecast would encourage guarded trust

Interior Decorator Boredom:intense concentration on the subject of finials

Jane Austen or Booker Prize Boredom:you're a member of our civilized club armpatch

Prayer Breakfast Boredom

Pundit Boredom

Pornography boredom:the visual dominance of a tactile medium

Public Speech boredom:each additional moment proportionately lessens its value

Metalinguistic boredom:or the inability not to speak jargon following ndoctrination

Metanovelistic boredom: time invested to the point of indoctrination due to length of text

Minimalist boredom:folding that futon just so

memoir boredom

Nobel Laureate Boredom:what I come to say when I think, "the World will listen now."

Networking Boredom and its cyber-adjunct, Social-media networking boredom

Orgy Boredom:somehow it's always the dwarf who is the master of ceremonies

Rebellious denim boredom

Science Fiction Apparatus Boredom

Serial killer boredom

Small vegetable and free-range chicken boredom

Spectacle Boredom: car chase scenes; helicopter explosions;championship wrestling, military parades and religious processions

Spy Boredom:unhappy spies, conflicted spies, spies with amnesia but gymnastic skills

Solipsistic boredom:the belief that perception is factual because it's my/ your own

Superhero boredom:always some erotic glitch

Triumphalist Boredom:Albert Speer designs the set for the Star Wars Ballet to the Alpine Symphony at Disneyland Nurenburg

Titanic Theme Liebestod Boredom:the beauty of those vows of love beyond the grave is in how little wear they entail

Traffic Boredom

Waiting Room Boredom

Water Filter Sales Pitch Boredom;or Vacuum-cleaner feature indoctrination boredom

Wholesome boredom:or conception without lose of virginity as a means of reproduction for the general public

Unsolicited boredom :the only kind

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