Friday, October 23, 2009


During the months of July and August last year, I viewed the web-sites and
the entire rosters of 700 art dealers nationwide, 250 in Chelsea alone.
I suspect that the approximate figure of 14,000 artists whose work I viewed is too little.
It certainly was a quasi-mystical experience. I tried, without success,
to come up with some grand-scale oracular pronunciamento until I realized that I,too, was
succumbing to an afflatus of the election year. Thank Heaven, I was spared and so were you.
Also : I have always wondered what eyrie the large-scale surveyors of history--it could be Spengler,it could be Foucault--perch on.
While a general thesis eluded me, I did have the pleasure of discovering for myself
a number of artists of whom I had been unaware; some have influenced
my thinking, and I will write about them eventually.But for a time, here is the list of those I found compelling, starting in Chelsea, but proceeding to Brooklyn,Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Austen, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, San Francisco, Seattle,
Portland, Montreal, and Toronto.
(footnote: as this list was put together before the economic crisis,it inevitably
mentions dealers no longer in existence; it is important to remember that their artists
still are.To those dealers who remain: permissions to reproduce work will speed
any comment I might make, and the prompt response to correspondence
will provoke astonishment as well as gratitude. The asterisk means: I adore you from afar; the + means seriously elegant work;the marginilia preserves my notes, but inclusion is proof of my admiration.)

DL. AlvarezDerek Eller
roger andersonSarah Meltzer
esao AndrewsJ Le Vine
paolo AraoJeff Bailey Gallery
assume vivid astral focus*
John Connolly Presents after the wake, an orgy
ali BanisadrLeslie Tonkonow
gary BasemanThe big stories are all fairytales
gary BattyFeature
james Barsness*George AdamsHe draws like Rackham; he thinks like Tex Avery
tony BechakaAndre Zarre
Berkowitz and BruaDerek Ellertables climb walls decked with the soul's laundry
Tim BishopJ Le Vine
suzzane BocenagraLucas Schoormans
Hilary Brace*Edward ThorpeApparitional Whiteness from the Hollow Earth
alex BrownFeature
jason BrownRare
jeff BurtonCasey Kaplan
dean Byington*Leslie Tonkonowan Heir of Richard Dadd
olaf BreuningMetro Pictures
ingrid calameJames Cohan
james casabere +Paul Kasmin the de Chirico sublet
jonathan CallanNicole Klagsburn
Beth CampbellNicole Klagsburn
martines CanasJulie Saul
gillian CarnegieAndrea Rosen
nathan carterCasey Kaplan
St Clair Cemin*Sikkemma Jenkins
peter Coffin*Andrew Krepsthe wreck of the Hegel in the form of crunched stairs
matthew Collishaw Bonakdar
lia Cook Nancy Margolis
george condo Luhring AugustineDe Kooning and Saul Steinberg fight over a broad
petah coyne* Gallerie LelongMiss Havisham and Madeleine Usher discuss Nerval
andy cvijanovic Bellwether
Inka Essenhigh 303
tim dalyDFN
james DavisRare
edith derdyuk+Haim Chanin String theory meets Atropos
leonardo Drew*Sikkemma Jenkins
jeff Elrod+Fredericks Freiser
jean-michel fauquetHaim ChaninPhysical stairways to metaphysical oubliettes
angelo filomeno*Galerie LeLongas true (and as artificial) as Chopin or Baudelaire
roland fisherVon Lintel
roland Flexner*D'Amelio Terras Taoist of the profound soap bubble
Mark Fox*Larisa GoldstonThe Paganini of Scissors shapes a Tornado
adam FowlerMargaret Thatcher Projects
yuichi higashionaBoesky
Francesca GabrianiSarah Meltzer
stan GregorySunduram Tagore
orly GengerLarisa Goldston
sam GibbonsClaire Oliver
Tomoo GokitaATM
Anthony Gormley
richard Greaves*Andrew Edlin The bigfoot of the Canadian Rockies
jonah GreensbergerBellwether
stan GregorySunduram Tagore
Andreas GurskyMatthew Marks
diana al hadiPerry Rubinstein
Liz HalloranDCKTstreaks of speed in progress
trenton doyle Hancock James Cohan
Jutta HaeckelHosfelt
Jacob el HananiHosfelt
Ann HardyBellwether
lyle ashton harrisCRG Gallery
jeppe Hein303
julie heffernanPPOW
kent hendricksenJohn ConnallyPresents Part of the problem is that my boyfriend dabbles in dark arts
oliver Herring*Max Protech Victor Frankenstein's career in high fashion
eva HildNancy Margolis
julie HirstPavel Zoubok
Karsten HollierCasey Kaplan
timothy Horn*Hosfelt the debate of the baroque with the rococo conducted in spun sugar
jacqueline humphries Greene Naftali
aaron johnsonStux
butt johnsonCRG GalleryI was in the outhouse when Daddy got raptured
cassandra c jonesVanina Holasek Gallery
brian JungenCasey Kaplan
jen kimSteinberg
Ron KleinHoward Scott
jolyn kystosekLucas Schoormans
Jeff LadouceurZieher Smith
rezi van lankveldPetzel
sarah LeahyKim Foster
Catherine LeeGalleries Lelongthe disaffection of the great horizon
wonju lim Boesky
graham little CRG Gallery
donald lipski*Gallerie Lelongthe charioteer of found objects
nicola lopez Caren Golden
john maeda+Christenrose So slick it becomes another substance
Marco Maggi* Hosfeltdepict the cryptogram and decrypt the pictogram
frank magnottaCohan + Leslie
didier MassardJulie Saul
tatsuya MatsushitaMehr Gallery
josiah mc elhenyAndrea Rosen
maureen mc quillanMc Kenzie
jason meadowsBonakdar
sarah MorrisPetzel
ron mueck()
james nakesPaul Kasmin
ernesto neto*Bonakdarangelic snot sacks
aaron NoblePavel Zoubok
ludwika orgozelecNancy Margolis Gallery
jean michel Othoniel+Sikkemma Jenkins
gary panterClementina
james patersonBitforms
jorge Pardo*Petzel
roxy payneJames Cohan
emilio perezGalerie Lelong
diego peroneCasey Kaplan
ara Peterson*James Connally presents
jack Pierson+Danziger
jaume Plensa*Galerie Lelong Alphabody Fountainface
ken priceMatthew Marks
matthew ritchieAndrea Rosen
john rappeleyejeff baileySnakes writhe through skulls in desert blanched colors
mary reillyDFN Gallery
anil reuriSundurum tagore
matthew ritchieAndrea Rosen
michel angelo rocaATM
jimmy joe rocheRare
betsabee romeroGalerie Ramis Barquet
alexander Ross Boesky
victoria RyanJohn Stevenson
ursula von rydinguardGalerie LelongTreetrunk Tankards for Fafner and Fasolt
dennis rudolphPerry Rubinstein
alain saret+James Cohan
tojkijito SatoLeslie Tonkonow
robert SagarmanMarguerite Thatcher Projects
peter sarkissian
aaron spanglerRare
peter schuyffNicole Klagsbrun
michelle segreDerek Ellerthe cracquelature of the biomorphic forms found near Oz
hiroshi senjoSunduram Tagore
gary simmonsMetro Pictures
john stashkevitchVon Lintel
james everett stanleyFreight+Volume
simon starlingCasey Kaplan
max streicherRicco Maresca
mark Swanson+Bellwether
francesca sundstenJenkins Johnson Gallery
james SurlsCharles CowlesOld Wild Cowboy Ropes Trickster Tree
barbara takenagaMc Kenzie
maki TamuraLucas Schoormans
whiting tennisDerek Eller
gordon TerryJeff Bailey
fred tomaselli*James Cohan vast worlds from small aspirins
tam van tranCohan + Leslie
scott trealeaven+James Connally presents The Commedia del Arte meets the Neopolitan Inquisition on toile
james Valerio +George Adams
mark dean vecaJ le Vine
michael velliquetteDCKT Gallery
mark wagnerPavel Zoubok
hugh waltonClementina
wayne whiteClementina
adam wallacavage
kit whiteAndre Zarre
wayne whiteClementina
terry wintersMatthew Marks
mike womackZieher Smith
c yassGallerie Lelong
amy yoesSteinberg
jason youngChristenrose
Michelle ZaponyEssoSpook girl sends large postcards
Rhonda Zwillinger Pavel Zoubok

(no James Turrell or Christian Boltanski or Mona Hatoum or Olafur Eliasson or Yayoi Kusama?
no one from certain galleries I greatly respect? No, merely a certain mental footweariness
and the understanding that a jeux d'esprit does not have to be ecumenical-- so many a blue chip's
been left out, not that I'd mind owning one) Oct.9th, 2009