Monday, February 15, 2010


Vote for Caligula, folks, if you want a state-sanctioned bloodbath.
Vote for him because you like his style--that Humvee with Rifle-turrets,
the swimming pool as an abattoir, the babes with pneumatic implants, the gladiatorial combat,
that populist wink from the top of the pyramid, the breeding farm for Aryans,
the wars to trim our young people of the unfit, the plenitude of squalor!
Vote for him because you must show your allegiance--it's a must for those of
you who want to get ahead or keep theirs, kow tow and bow to the manly modesty of the self-
deified representative and leader of the people, the autocrat of the
republic which he crushes underfoot like chicks, and his hench-people of spin, his gilded regular guy status,march for him!
Let one arena fight with another and plunder the loser:it's all virtual once you step out of the sauna anyhow and anyway
no one gets hurt who doesn't deserve it; its nothing an anesthetic can not forget,
or a fence mend in a steroid world
a fact confirmed by this synthetic human skin as vibrant as novocaine
the best light-fixtures wear
(this room is bugged; destroy this note after memorizing the following :)

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