Tuesday, February 16, 2010

THE FIELDS OF BACH (6)(scherzando)

Here is a stormy scene from Bosch, the battle of the instruments.
In this arena streaked with lightning the harpsichord and piano
duke it out in the Klavier Katzenjammer. Odds favor the champ,
Hamburg Steinway, over the contender, a replica after an
instrument by von Dulcken (1611), by 257 to 1, but you've gotta hand it to
the little cembalo, he's a contender. At stake is the soul of the
Well-Tempered Clavier, seen in the form of Flosshilde,
the German Jeanne D'arc, on a cloud above with the Holy Family( or the Royal
Family, depending on your view of iconography.) A skirmish, meanwhile,
has erupted among the Highland symphonists, who favor
bagpipes, and the Flemish sacbucketeers in a force which sweeps up the gambists and
the tympanists in one hellacious sea as Hamborg Steinway delivers yet another deadly blow
to van Dulkens plectrum. There is a splintering of parquetry as van Dulken spews
a handful of quills from his sounding board. It will be a long time before his
toccatta trots,again, it's Les Barricades Mistereuses for original instruments...

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