Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"Rain has a way of bringing out the contours of everything:
it throws a coloured blanket over previously invisible things;
instead of an intermittent and fragmented world, the steadily falling
rain creates a continuity of acoustic experience... Usually, when I open
my front door, there are various broken sounds spread across
nothingness. I know when I take I take the next step I will encounter the path,
and that to the right my shoe will meet the lawn...I know all
these things are there, but I know them from memory...The rain
presents the fullness of a situation all at once, not merely
remembered, not in anticipation but here and now. The rain gives
a sense of perspective and of the actual relationship of one part of the world
to the other...I feel as if the world which is veiled until I touch it,
has suddenly disclosed itself to me."
(from Hull:TOUCHING THE ROCK, an account of blindness)

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