Monday, February 15, 2010


Then the inquisitors come, white robed inquisitors
holding the sacred text which may condemn you
to be burned as a faggot or drawn and quartered,
behind them are red robed inquisitors, the authors
of law,holding the ends of the wires wound round you.
(it is a stadium or arena from what you can hear rather than see;
the acoustics imply much)
there are the blackrobed inquisitors, so tall, carrying chains
let us be plain:there is no mercy without the admission of guilt
you must be born in death and saved by flame
your sins: in this place at this date
not as much what you have done as thought:it's in your face
I can see it in your eyes your shifty gaze admit it
don't cry we're just getting to it
just getting to baby, you're mine:
-don't gag or I'll show you what's rough
(thus the black robed inquisitors)

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