Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is the first of a series of models and small pieces which I have done over the last
month and which I will be posting on a daily basis throughout January 2010.
Some are sketches for public arts projects, such as this "Fire Rider" which I
would like to actuate on a scale in which it might be walked through. Others
are one-offs; I did a number of them. It felt, towards winter solstice,
as if I was into the manufactory of sylphs and salamanders out of Faust Prt 2
or the Rape of the Lock, so many odd shapes hung in my kitchen . This is where
I tend to work on cold days when my main studio room gets drafty. One night
I worked late, later than I normally permit myself, and as the kettle boiled
and my old dog was underfoot and the radio was playing the Snowflake
chorus from the Nutcracker, I felt assisted by the djinn.

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