Wednesday, December 9, 2009


By Insomnia, Gray, and Ashen
The Old Man Anchovies
Cosi fan Sposi
The Spoils of Portnoy
For Whom The Knell Tells
Four Croquettes
Flann's Last Krapp
War and Punishment
All the King's Mice
Amahl and the Mice Visitors
The Age of Mirth
The Joy of French Sex
The Manuscript Found in A Cask of Amontillado
Azure Like It
The Hedda Edda
Desire under The Streetcar
Some Call Lust Circumstance
Slouching Towards Louche Stances
The Horseman on the Hot Tin Roof
The Matchgirl of Notre Dame
The Trilogy Quartet(I'm missing a volume)
From Here to Kon Tiki
The Ballad of the Harelip Cafe
Death Comes for the Handpuppet
The Tussymussy of Hissyfit
The Carpaccio of Caravaggio
The Asparagus Patient
The Lotos Eaters' Sutra
The Denunciad
The Red Badge Comes To Yellow Sky
Tender is the Part
Ebenezer Marionette
The Cacaphonous Sarcophagous

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