Monday, May 5, 2014


 These studies were done before the "Baroque Mirror" and the "Black Window" on order to see  test the compositional use of lace. I was very  enamored with flat black versus gloss white, so I saturated masonite with black gesso, and sprayed white gloss enamel through lace upon it; then I painted over this again. In the first I used an emerald green sign painter's enamel.
In the second, I retouched the image with gloss black enamel.

 In the third , I sprayed gloss black over gloss white.
The final study employed a calligraphic brush stroke in brilliant blue enamel over gloss white and gloss black. 
I was aiming  for the effect of an after-image, or a photographic negative, or a ghost.(1994)

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