Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Who cares if your feelings are hurt? Your feelings are hurt by definition,given your
general disposition to take offense,to ignore the offenses you yourself provoke,and
your almost culinary approach to nursing grudges. What fool would want to keep
track of your moods and feuds,your vapors? Not me! I can't imagine a worse
boredom than caring what you care about,your thwarted eminence in the world,
whether you are intepreted correctly according to your own incoherent rules,
.your pretensions to philosophy! IF most art was as bad as the manual accompanying it,
it would be witless. You do not know how to say what you mean;this is why
"no one gets it"--as if this was the purpose they were put on earth for!There is
a real world with dire necessity and all that it requires in terms of wear and breakage.
Given this,it would be good to begin to show those in your immediate
sphere a little mercy.P

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